Why Use Face Book for Your Business?

Why Use Face Book for Your Business?
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Social media is an integral part of inbound marketing and are becoming increasingly important assets for businesses who want to get found by and engage with potential buyers on the web. So really ask yourself this question, how do you find information about a product or service that you are intending to buy?

Well a bet is that you are online consulting a search engine or a friend for more information. The majority of people visit Google and the many social networks available for answers to their questions.

So when a consumer visits your website for information on a question that they have, will you be able to answer it?

Facebook is an excellent online network that connects people together from all over the world. Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to connect with people expand their online footprint whilst directly engaging with customers and potential prospects

What is Facebook?

Well unless you have been marooned on a dessert island for the last 8 years, you will certainly know all about Facebook.  Facebook is a social network that acts as a platform for connecting people with those around them. This may include family, friends, work colleagues or people with similar interests. Started in 2004 as a closed community for college students Facebook has since expanded beyond that to include any user across the world.

What The Statistics say

  • In February 2012 Facebook had 850 million users
  • Facebook accounts for approx 26% of referral traffic (according to Shareaholic study)
  •  63% of Facebook users have deleted people from their friend lists (up from 56% in 2009)
  •  44% have deleted comments others have made
  •  37% have untagged themselves from photos
  •  Young adults and women are more likely to unfriend people (67% women vs 58% men)

Source: http://thesocialskinny.com/100-social-media-mobile-and-internet-statistics-for-2012/

How can Facebook help my business?

Having a facebook business page can help you get found by people who are searching for your products or services

  • Customer Engagement

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Facebook can help you connect and engage with current and potential customers. Why not use a variety of initiatives such as promotions, events, sales and special offers all of which can marketed to the online communities using your Facebook page.

  • Building and joining online communities

Helps you to create a community around your business

  • Promote other aspects of your business

Use Facebook to promote other content you create, including webinars, blog articles, or other resources

  • Branding your business with Facebook

Facebook is great for creating brand awareness. Branding your Facebook page allows you to be more recognisable with your customers and the online communities.

  • Driving web traffic to your website via your Facebook page

Include a link to your website on your Facebook page. People visiting your Facebook page can then click straight through to your website which then helps to increase your traffic. Facebook can act as a great referral platform for driving visitors to your website. By publishing snippets of information on your Facebook page, a link to the rest of the article, promotion, special offer can then be available directing visitors to your website.

  • Customer Feedback

Your Facebook account allows you to communicate directly with your customer. Here visitors can leave comments and feedback that you can act on to improve your business.

  • Driving new customers

With over 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is a great platform for finding new customers. With so many groups and communities online, marketing your products and services to new customers is a major benefit of Facebook.

  • Generating new business leads

Facebook can be a great platform to generate leads for your business .With so many businesses marketing with Facebook, there could be 1000’s of potential leads for your business. With so many business profiles available, why not target other businesses online and see if they are suitable leads for your business.

  • Customer Retention

Facebook is a great platform for joining conversations and for connecting with existing and potential customers. If you manage your Facebook account well and connect with customers, they are more likely to stay with you longer. Keeping them aware of new promotions, offers and rewarding their loyalty are great retention tools that can be leveraged through your Facebook business page.

  • Benefit from social networking

Facebook provides unique opportunities to social networking allowing you to connect with endless prospects and potential customers from all over the world.

  • Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a unique advantage of social media platforms. News can spread like wildfire as people share and comment online. This can provide a great opportunity to get your news spread across the net to wider audiences than you could possibly imagine.  Think of the excitement you could create about your products or services that will result in people not being able to resist wanting to be your Facebook friend.

  • Improve your search marketing

Facebook shares, likes and overall engagement are good signals to search engines that your website content is of interest to visitors which can be a factor in improving your search rankings.