The pope shows the true worth of social media with his first Tweet!

The pope shows the true worth of social media with his first Tweet!


We all know that social media is an essential platform that businesses can use to engage with their audiences and prospects in getting their messages out across the web.

At 10.40 today, the pope sent his first tweet from the Vatican’s holy Ipad. The tweet wrote ‘’Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.”

There had been a massive build up surrounding the Popes first engagement with his followers via his twitter account. His account was apparently registered last Monday, giving him 10 days to compile his first tweet. We would like to think our clients would be a little quicker in getting their messages out!

The pope now has Twitter at his disposal which we know is an extremely powerful social media tool to engage with your audiences and followers across the web. Such was the success of his first tweet; Pope Benedict XVI had an average of 2,000 new followers a minute after his first tweet.

The pope had begun the morning with around 600,500 followers on his English language account which then grew to 700,000 followers within 1 hour. That’s the kind of social media impact we are talking about!


The Pope certainly looks to be following in the footsteps of other successful social media followings. However there is still some way to go to succeed the Dalai Lama who currently has 5.7 million twitter followers. Leading the way is the pop princess herself Lady Gaga with over 32 million followers.

Twitter continues to be an essential social media marketing platform that businesses can use to engage with current customers and new prospects. Whatever your message or blessing! Twitter can be a very successful social media platform for getting your messages out to the right audiences.