Social Media shows massive growth in Asia

Social Media shows massive growth in Asia
social media in asia

Southeast Asia is showing unprecedented growth in the use of social media as their population are connecting more quickly than in any other part of the world. The viral impact of social media has seen sales of smart phones increase in the Philippines by 326% in just one year from 2011 to 2012. The whole of south East Asia has seen sales up by 78% in the same period which is massive growth. The sheer scale of the growth in the use of social media can be further highlighted thorough the fact that the Smartphone industry is now worth $13.7 billion.

social media in Asia

Social Media has continued to see massive growth in Asia;

  • Philippines (Facebook usage up by 30.12% (30,094,560)
  • South Korea (Facebook usage up by 17.11% (8,286,920)
  • Japan (Facebook usage up by 10.95% (13,809,800)

Between 2011 and 2012 the sales of smart phones in South East Asia grew by 78% and as much as 326% in the Philippines.

It is a region that is now worth as much as $13.7bn to the Smartphone industry.

Twitter has seen massive growth in social media with the Vatican now using social media as a major platform to connect with their followers and younger people particularly.

There are a lot of social issues in Indonesia and social media is used by activist groups to create communities to help get their messages across. The primary age group is between 16 and 35 and the use of social media is seen as a way of targeting these groups. The impact of social media in India is also significant with social media being used to drive massive changes and increase exposure on key concerns. Social media platforms have been used to bring around change in India on many key issues such as equality and the treatment of women. Social media allows a lot of people to feel that they are being supported by society and have their say.

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