10 Tips to marketing your business online with Pinterest

Pinterest Introduction

In a 4 part series, we look at some useful guidelines for getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing campaign. With these useful tips, you can soon start to see some positive results from your Pinterest boards.

  • 1.     Complete your profile and be sure to include your business name to give your account maximum exposure. Also employ your business name as your username.
  • 2.      In the about section, complete your profile by providing details about your company such as your mission statement. This will show up right under your photo, and will be a great way to market your business to users who can find out more about you.
  • 3.      Intergrating you Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts is an essential step. This will it help you gain followers from your other social media platforms, whilst also adding social media icons under your profile picture that link to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • 4.      Add your website URL to your profile which will help visitors click straight through to your website
  • 5.      Pinning new content regulary is important so pin lots of stuff. You can maximize your exposure and engagement by pinning regulary.
  • 6.      Naming your boards is an important element so be creative in coming up with your names. The names of your boards get shared with other pinterest users whenever you pin something. Be inspirational and consider using themes to make them enticing.  
  • 7.     You can Tag other Pinterest users in your pins by using “@username” in your descriptions. Many companies will adopt this practice and it offers a great opportunity to network with other companies.
  • 8.      As with other social networks such as facebook and twitter, Commenting on other people’s pins is a great way to gain followers and connections.
  • 9.  When Pinning content, be sure to use content taken from lots of different sources. These will provide links to various websites but will also make your boards more diverse and interesting which is an important feature of pinterest.  
  • 10.      If you see great content then “Like” other people’s pins which will provide a thumbs-up signal