Social Media Campaigns

Magnetize PR Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is being used today by the big brands to extend their reach and engagement with existing and potential customers all over the globe. We see great uses a social media campaigns every day across the Internet, our social media homepages being liked shares and retweeted by friends and acquaintances at an incredible rate every day.

The investment made by these house hold names is obviously significant, but you don’t have to be a global brand benefit from a strong social media campaign. Even SME’s can utilise the power of an effective social media campaign to get reach and engagement for your particular messages products and services.

Here at Magnetize PR we can give you professional social media campaigns that deliver return on engagement no matter who you are.

What we will deliver

  • A comprehensive social media strategy is the cornerstone of any successful social media campaign
  • We undertake a full social media/web presence audit in order to research and understand your marketing communications
  • We analyse your marketing objectives.
  • Outline exactly how social media can help best achieve your unique objectives, ensuring we maximise ROI and ROE
  • Analyse your current digital resources and what will be required to launch a successful social media campaign

Our 5 stage process for any campaign

  • Stage 1 – Strategic Consultancy
  • Stage 2 – Research and Insight
  • Stage 3 – Planning the Strategy
  • Stage 4 – Set up and Delivery
  • Stage 5 – Evaluation