Guest Posting Service

Why building quality links is important

Link building is a major tactic of SEO that helps your website to achieve higher positions in the search engines. Google and other Search engines use links as votes representing the democracy of the web’s opinion about what pages are important and popular. Therefore when search engines like Google evaluate your link profile, they are looking at link quality. Trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites, while spammy sites receive very few links from trusted sources. The penguin update was aimed at targeting all those sites that had 1000’s of low quality links from sites with low authority and trust.

Trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites

How do I get high quality links?

Link quality has been an important factor in SEO and the penguin update only enforced the importance of building high quality links to your website. High-volume, irrelevant and low-quality links will now be potentially harmful to your website. Guest posting as part of a tactical SEO strategy can help you sustain long term success. Our Guest posting service is the process of obtaining natural back-links from some of the most authoritative websites in that particular niche by contributing remarkable content to another website. In return you are offered a back link to your website whether a contextual link in the body of the article or an editorial link in the author bio. Building a strong link profile is more important than ever and our guest posting service is a way of helping you achieve this.

Guest posting is the process of obtaining natural back-links from some of the most authoritative websites in a particular niche by contributing remarkable content to another website


Guest Post (DA 20+)   Buy Now £30

  • Equivalent PR2
  • Guest Post Length 500 – 700 words
  • Article posted on Blog relevant to your Niche
  • 1-2 links depending on blog guidelines


Guest Post (DA 30+)   Buy Now £35

  • Equivalent PR3 – 4
  • Guest Post Length 500 – 700 words
  • Article posted on Blog relevant to your Niche
  • 1-2 links depending on blog guidelines


Guest Post (DA 40+)   Buy Now £45

  • Equivalent PR4+
  • Guest Post Length 500 – 700 words
  • Article posted on Blog relevant to your Niche
  • 1-2 links depending on blog guidelines


If you are only looking for Publishing and can provide your own content meeting our quality guidelines then we can offer the following prices.

Guest Post (DA 20+)   Buy Now £20

Guest Post (DA 30+)   Buy Now £25

Guest Post (DA 40+)   Buy Now £30

How it Works

The greatest advantage of guest posting is that the back-links obtained through this process appear totally natural to the search engines, and this strategy of achieving a back-link is considered to be totally ethical, and isn’t frowned upon by the search engines unlike many of the other black-hat SEO tactics.

Publishing guest posts allows you to achieve high quality links from websites in your niche by getting permission to publish high quality content on these websites which are trusted by the search engines.

This then gives you high quality links from these websites that point back to you. Search engines like Google then see trusted websites linking to your website which gives you editorial votes and helps with improving your search engine rankings.

Guest Posting Orders

The process of our guest posting service

Our guest posting service follows a strict step by step process which ensures our service maintains quality and delivers sustainable results

  • Understanding your goals – we work with you to assess your currently goals, critique your website and then brainstorm content ideas suitable to your niche. We also evaluate the keywords you want to rank highly for and incorporate these into your guest posting campaign.
  • Finding the right blogs and websitesusing our current contacts and reaching out to new website owners, we identify websites and prospects that are applicable to your niche
  • Evaluation using our quality control, we look at page rank, content quality, domain authority, link profiles and other important metrics to source the highest quality and authoritative websites
  • Building a relationshipwe make contact with website and blog owners and present them with our guest post ideas that we have brainstormed especially for them. Adding quality content that will benefit their blog is always our primary aim.
  • Writing the guest postonce the blog owners have agreed to publish our content, we get our specialist writing team on the job to prepare remarkable content that the blog owners cannot wait to publish
  • Quality controlall articles are proof read, checked for word count, quality and presentation ensuring the article is 100% unique, well written and actually interesting and enjoyable to read
  • Link placement we produce an author bio that is expertly crafted and place 1-2 links within the article depending on the blog owner’s regulations. We advise on anchor text distribution ensuring that only current best practices are used to avoid any possible penalties in the future
  • Publishing the articlewe contact the blog owners and liaise with them to facilitate the publication of your article within agreed timescales.
Businesses are becoming more aware that quality content and getting quality links is the key to building long term success on the web

What are the benefits of Guest Blogging?

  1. Get contextual links that are relevant to your site
  2. It is a natural way of helping you to editorially earn links by producing and publishing great content
  3. Community building with other websites
  4. Attract visitors whilst promoting your brand and increasing your brand awareness
  5. Opportunity for co-citations and social shares
  6. Guest posting is seen as a sustainable and ethical link building tactic that is focussed around producing high quality content that adds value to the search results
  7. Guest posting is about building long term relationships with other webmasters whilst achieving link opportunities.
  8. Improve your search engine rankings
  9. Get quality content branded by you onto high authoritative and trusted websites
We build strong relationships with website owners to bring them high-quality content from our portfolio of clients

Why Use Our Guest Posting Service?

Building quality links is really time intensive and guest blogging successfully involves a lot of time and effort. We have a well structured, easily scalable and highly effective solution for building strong, relevant links to your website.

We have spent many years building strong and lasting relationships with other blog owner’s which is always based on producing and publishing only the highest quality content.

We can offer advice and assistance on choosing the best package for you. We have a dedicated team of seasoned content writers who produce quality content on virtually any niche under the sun, which can then be contributed to the authoritative websites that we have carefully sourced for you.

As online marketers, we constantly build new relationships and reach out to other webmasters that run high quality blogs and websites that have relevance to your niche.

For example; if your business represents the finance industry, then we will look to cultivate relationships with high authority and trusted websites that provide high quality finance related content. Not only are we achieving high quality links from trusted websites related to your niche but we are also promoting your brand to communities interested in what you have to offer.

Our team of creative writers and journalists have placed 1000s of guest posts over the past two years as businesses become more aware that producing quality content and earning quality links is the key to building long term success on the web.

We constantly find and develop relationships with new websites so we can continue to provide fresh and new links for your website

We offer the highest quality guest posting service

We only source high authority and trusted blogs

  • We research and target blogs applicable to your niche
  • We have built relationships with blog owners in the US, UK, Australia & Canada ensuring that our outreach is global
  • Each blog is assessed for suitability using quality metrics such as domain authority, page rank, link profiles, and the quality of content
  • We make contact and establish a relationship with only the best blogs
  • We liaise with the blog owners to get each post published within a dedicated time scale

Producing remarkable content

  • We research, brainstorm and identify topics and then suggest topic ideas which are then put forward to blog owners
  • Once we get permission, we can then prepare a high quality article
  • Our copywriting team have vast experience in writing and preparing topics that are industry-specific to your niche
  • All articles are proofread and quality checked before submission

Guest Posting Service for Businesses

Our guest posting service is perfect for businesses. We can help you target your keywords by building quality links on trusted and high authoritative websites. We actively seek to build strong relationships with blogs and websites applicable to your niche. We offer competitively priced packages and SEO support whilst allowing you to analyse and measure the performance of your guest posting efforts.

Guest Posting Service for Agencies

Guest posting is time intensive and requires expertise if it is to be executed in the correct way. We understand that many SEO companies may often receive orders for guest posts from their clients, but do not have the man-power, expertise or time to carry out guest posting services effectively.

We can take care of your guest posting needs and have built up a portfolio of over 1000 relationships with trusted and high authoritative blogs and websites from nearly every niche imaginable. Equipped with an expert team of talented copywriters, we can deliver a guest posting service that is cost effective, scalable and that maintains the highest quality and delivers results.

Can you show me some examples?

We have cultivated strong relationships with blog owners and have published 1000’s of articles across many high authoritative and trusted blogs. Many of the blogs we publish content on are of a minimum PR2 or domain authority 20. It is however important to have variation so your link profiles look natural. We therefore offer guest posting opportunities on blogs from PR1 to PR7 and domain authority from 10 right up to 70+. For some examples of our blogs please contact us direct.

Time Scales

We do our best to deliver orders as quickly as possible though the guest posting process is time intensive and needs to be done correctly. Blog owners work within their own timescales so sometimes we have to be patient. Generally our turnaround is much quicker than we stipulate but our set timescales give the maximum completion time on your guest post order.

  • 1-10 posts – 14 days
  • 11-20 posts – 21 days
  • 21-30 posts – 25 days
  • 30+ posts – 30 days
  • Publish Only – (You provide the content) – 1-5 days
Guest posting takes time as it involves researching your market, identifying opportunities, building relationships, writing content and facilitating the publication of your article