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SEO has evolved over the last couple of years. With the recent Google algorithm updates concentrating on improving the search results, SEO companies have had to adopt a more sustainable approach to online marketing. The impact of SEO as a single approach to marketing your website online has diminished greatly over the last 12 months.

An SEO company that focuses purely on the number of links they’re getting for their clients and weekly ranking reports will be susceptible to next wave of algorithm updates. The penguin update released by Google in April 2012 was a major milestone in the way traditional SEO practices have had to change.  Search Engine Practices that may have worked previously no longer achieve the same results today. Savvy marketers implement SEO as part of a more holistic and strategic approach to Inbound marketing.

More clients are moving towards an inbound marketing model, where different functions work together to achieve the best results. SEO companies are being replaced by digital marketing and Inbound marketing agencies that push other channels such as search, social, blogging and content marketing alongside SEO to produce a more broader and sustainable strategy.

SEO is still an important strategy. At Magnetize PR, rather than focus SEO on just links and rankings, we implement search engine optimisation as part of an overall inbound marketing strategy that is performance lead. We concentrate on getting your website more visitors and more conversions rather than just links and higher rankings in the search results.

SEO leading indicators no longer focus primarily just on links. Before the Panda and Penguin updates, traditional SEO methods focussed on building lots of links regardless of relevance and quality which would then help with achieving higher rankings. The evolving search engines now use other performance indicators such as visits, traffic, social shares, tweets, on page optimisation, brand mentions and other metrics to rank a website.

Our SEO consultancy concentrates on working with you to create an overall inbound marketing approach where SEO is integrated with social, search and content marketing to create a sustainable and measurable strategy.  We implement SEO as a component of an overall inbound strategy that is geared to achieving sustainable results not just quick wins that may in the long term hurt your brand or make a bad impression with the search engines.

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