SEO MOZ Rebrand as MOZ

SEO MOZ Rebrand as MOZ

SEO Moz has been the pioneering force behind SEO for some time now. Providing some of the best analytical tools around, SEO Moz have supported SEO techniques and really been at the forefront of leading the way in online marketing. Providing useful insights, views on developments, industry change and best practice techniques, they would be highly regarded as the institution behind SEO. We know that Search engine optimisation has changed greatly over the last few years and as a sole practice, it no longer has the same effect.


Rand Fiskin from SEO Moz states that “Calling ourselves “SEO”moz is no longer transparent and authentic” In the last 18 months, online marketing has taken a more Inbound Marketing approach where the focus is on pushing various channels rather than just SEO. Rand Fiskin also states that over the last decade, they have worked hard to make organizations think more holistically about organic search. With the search engines releasing a lot of significant updates aimed at improving the search results. Rand enforces what is already well documented throughout the industry, that SEO is seen as a narrow set of activities concerned mainly with moving rankings up and bringing search visitors in.

SEO has had a lot of negativity of late and many would believe that Google in particular is making life increasingly tougher for SEO.  Rand Fiskin quotes that “for many folks outside of our community”; the acronym SEO has (unfair) associations with spam or manipulation. Even harder for him to hear is the all too often quote “Don’t trust any domain with SEO in the name.”

Significantly Rand goes on to say “for the sake of transparency, I need to be honest that this is also marketing move – a rebrand is a chance to earn a second look from people who’ve long known us and had associations with the company. We hope that second look is going to lead those who haven’t yet seen what we’ve become over the last few years to check out our content, Moz Analytics, and the many functions our research tools provide”

To be honest it is really no surprise that SEO MOZ has now become MOZ as SEO has really been through the mill of late. Search has changed significantly over the last 2 years and with the growing importance of other online marketing channels such as social, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation, having a sustainable online business is really a lot more than just relying on rankings. Inbound marketing is a more holistic approach and incorporates many channels alongside SEO which feature throughout the MOZ Blog. Rand points out that he is certainly not giving up on the legitimacy, value and importance of SEO but for many of us in the industry this name change from the biggest SEO institution is undoubtedly another significant move away from SEO and towards Inbound Marketing as the future online marketing model.

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