Google To Target Mass Spamming of No Follow links

Google To Target Mass Spamming of No Follow links

Google’s continued effort to deter and stop link building that violates their Guidelines took another twist this morning. Google released another video via their you tube channel centered around no follow links. Presented by Matt Cutts who is the head of Web spam for Google, we all know that no follow links generally do not impact or hurt websites rankings in Google. Matt Cutts did however confirm that though in the majority of cases, any links that have the no follow attribute would not have a negative impact on a websites rankings, acquiring mass no follow links on a larger scale with the sole aim to manipulate the search results or improve a sites rankings would possibly lead to a manual penalty. Interesting that this has been brought up in the latest video by Google as there is plenty of evidence in the SERPS that certain niches are adopting this strategy and it is working. It will be interesting to see if those websites currently adopting these practices suddenly disappear from the SERPS.

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Building quality links is still important in helping a quality website rank well and we have yet to see any evidence that links are becoming less important. Google continues to focus on link building practices that violate their guidelines with press releases and now no follow links being targeted in recent weeks. The quality of links rather than the quantity of links should be the focus. Inbound marketing strategies should really focus on engaging content that naturally attracts sites to link to them. I think the recent videos released by Google continue to highlight that relying simply on rankings within search engines will be a risky strategy. We continue to work with clients where our focus is to drive relevant and targeted traffic to their website from a variety of channels that includes social media, content marketing, networking, and PR, SEO, PPC and referral traffic. For more information on how to go about building quality links or for SEO consultancy tips to help improve your websites visibility contact us today.

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