Search Engine Optimisation

Get Your Website Found Online

Search engine optimisation or SEO is where we optimise a website so it can achieve better visibility in the search engines. It is clear that sites higher up in the page results reach larger audiences and as a result receive more traffic to their website and ultimately make more sales.

Achieve Higher Page Rankings for your keywords

If you are selling business cards, where do you want to be when the search results are returned? I am sure that would be on the 1st page. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of helping your website achieve this.

90% of us click on the first result!

Current research tells us that in Google, the first search result in the results list for any keyword will receive nearly 90% of the clicks. Imagine the potential traffic you are missing by not being on the 1st page at all! Chances are that if you are not on the 1st page, your prospects wont find you!

The Technical Process of SEO

Search Engine optimisation is a process that involves optimising a website so that search engines can index the pages. It’s a technical process of making changes to website architecture, content and HTML elements to give the site the best chance to rank well.

Best Practice SEO

  • We optimise your page content with appropriate keywords
  • Target keywords are used correctly on your website
  • Content is of the best qulaity and link worthy
  • Your website structure is serach engine friendly

Key Elements of SEO

  • Growing the relevant content of the site as well as marketing the website in the right way to the many thousands of websites out there which is off page optimisation or link building.
  • On-page optimization involves matching between the copy on the page to the search terms you want to rank highly for (the main factors include keyword and synonym matches and density, keyword formatting, keywords in anchor text and page title tags).

Deliver Great Content Throughout the Buying Cycle

Think about it, if you want your website to get found, you need to provide content that will answer the customer’s inquiry throughout the buying cycle. Consider the general questions that customers may pose and make sure they are covered on your website.

Hang out where your Customers and Prospects are

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all excellent opportunities to join the conversation with your potential prospects and customers. Share your expertise and opinions with a targeted audience

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