Pay Per Click

Drive More Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Often referred to as paid search, PPC or simply Search, this is a method of driving targeted traffic to your website and individual pages you specify. The downside is that it costs you money to do so. You pay for every click and therefore every visit at a price based on market conditions and competitor activity.

With Google Adwords being the accepted market leader, the world of pay per click marketing is a large resource sapping one. Google is as big as it is primarily from the revenues of Adwords.

Google Qualified Staff

Our skills in Pay per click marketing are used to make sure that you have the right visitors going to the right pages with the lowest possible per click price with the highest possible ad position. Being top is where all the clicks are, but this comes at the highest cost. The ultimate aim is to have more revenue and sales coming in than going out to Google and the other search networks.

  • We can make this complicated discipline simple
  • It works in harmony with your SEO
  • PPC is a great way to test websites, new product offerings and special offers
  • You get guaranteed traffic instantly, rather than the slower process of SEO

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the term used to describe paid inclusion adverting as well as SEO. It is rare not to have the two things running together, in that if you do PPC you should always do SEO as well.

Driving highly targeted vistors

  • Use Pay Per Click advertising in conjunction with organic SEO to maximise your lead generation
  • Use paid search to achieve faster results
  • Thorough keyword research and implementation as part of any Pay Per Click campaign
  • Full testing and adjusting of ad copy and landing pages to improve PPC performance and overall conversion rate

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