Conversion Rate Optimisation

Convert More Visitors Into Sales Leads

To your business, every transaction represents a successful transition from a visitor to a customer. This transition is known as a “conversion.” This represents a visitor to your site then becoming a customer through purchasing one of your goods or services.

  • Conversion rate is the most critical statistic about a website

The conversion rate directly impacts profitability and, as such, is the key to the website’s success or failure. A low conversion rate means too few visitors are being converted into customers. A high conversion rate means that a larger number of visitors are becoming customers.

  • How frequently do people visit your website and leave without purchasing a service or product or filling out your contact form?

Lead Generation

Inbound marketing focuses on creating remarkable content and then driving lots of visitors and prospects to your website through the many channels of social media, search, public relations and email marketing.

The next stage of an effective inbound marketing strategy is to nurture your leads and covert them in to buyers. The more visitors that become buyers, the higher your conversion rate will be. Driving qualified leads to your website will help to increase your conversion.

At Magnetize PR, we make sure that your website is fully designed and developed to maximise your lead capture. Key questions that we will ask include,

  • Is your website content interesting and does it make people want to engage?
  • Does your website allow people the chance to engage?

Lead Nurturing

Not every potential customer will be ready to buy immediately. Here we use the process of lead nurturing to predict where your potential customers are in the buying cycle based on their actions and interests. At this stage we can strategically present them with content and offers to help them become a sale.

Magnetize PR  can help you with
  • Designing and developing websites for lead generation and online marketing
  • Designing and developing landing pages to maximise conversion
  • Optimizing landing pages for lead generation
  • Increasing landing page conversion
  • Maximising engagement opportunities

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