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Bing has just launched its Bing it ON Campaign in the UK where it is aiming to derail Google’s unrelenting grip on UK search. Google currently have a market share of between 85 and 90 per cent in the UK. This week Bing is actually inviting UK searchers to compare its search results directly against Google currently have a market share of between 85 and 90 per cent in the Read more


Google’s continued effort to deter and stop link building that violates their Guidelines took another twist this morning. Google released another video via their you tube channel centered around no follow links. Presented by Matt Cutts who is the head of Web spam for Google, we all know that no follow links generally do not impact or hurt websites rankings in Google. Matt Cutts did however confirm that though in Read more

press releases

Google have continued to tackle link building practices by updating their link schemes webmaster guidelines which has targeted keyword rich anchor text links currently being used within press releases. This is link building tactic has succeeded in passing on valuable link juice as many PR sites tend have high trust and authority meaning outbound links from these press release can be valuable. John Mueller who is a leading member of Read more


The latest video from Matt Cutts who heads the spam team at Google is that the search engine will be evaluating the use of rel=”author” moving forward. In his video, Matt Cutts explains that by using rel=”author” structured data; it may be possible to improve search quality. Matt Cutts explains that the philosophy of Google has been moving away from keywords, where Google has been learning about different entities and Read more

SEO MOZ Rebrand as MOZ

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SEO Moz has been the pioneering force behind SEO for some time now. Providing some of the best analytical tools around, SEO Moz have supported SEO techniques and really been at the forefront of leading the way in online marketing. Providing useful insights, views on developments, industry change and best practice techniques, they would be highly regarded as the institution behind SEO. We know that Search engine optimisation has changed Read more

social media and healthcare

The NHS is currently undergoing one of the biggest reforms in the UK as the government looks to tackle growing health problems. With Obesity being at epidemic levels and other health related issues putting continued strain on the NHS service and other healthcare organisations, staff engagement is more important than ever. Social media continues to lead the way as a digital engagement platform for the top brands and also for Read more

Health problems such as Obesity and diabetes have recently hit the headlines in UK media. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) confirms that the numbers are bleak with more than 371 million people living with diabetes presently and this is expected to rise to 552 million in less than 20 years’ time. More alarming is the term “Epidemic” being used by International Diabetes Federation as Global food inequality is seeing type Read more

social media in asia

Southeast Asia is showing unprecedented growth in the use of social media as their population are connecting more quickly than in any other part of the world. The viral impact of social media has seen sales of smart phones increase in the Philippines by 326% in just one year from 2011 to 2012. The whole of south East Asia has seen sales up by 78% in the same period which Read more

blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach or guest posting is a great way to promote your brand online and reach new audiences. The process works simply by reaching out to other website or blog owners in your niche and then developing a relationship with them. Once you have established a relationship with them, you can pitch content ideas to them in the hope that they will publish your article on their blog. Blogger outreach Read more

Building Social Media Advocacy

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social media advocacy

In the old days of outbound marketing and before Social Media was even born, many organisations and brands relied on trade shows, print ads and media as their main source of marketing.  Social media has since changed the marketing landscape forever and this incredible platform has the potential to provide massive distribution of information on a viral scale even allowing you to target specific audiences that you know will be Read more