Digital Engagement

We live in an ever increasing digital age and traditional advertising channels no longer have the same impact in terms of getting your messages out to the people that matter. As a digital engagement agency, the focus is to help bring your audience closer to your organisation or brand through various digital channels that include social media, the internet, email and mobile.

What is Digital Engagement?

Digital engagement focuses really on anything that involves a conversation online. In the public sector, digital engagement is widely referred to as the use of social media in a corporate organisation. In a constantly changing digital landscape, your audience are now online.

There are millions of conversations that take place everyday across millions of online communities. If you audience is communicating here then it is essential that organisations have a real presence in these online communities. Digital engagement focuses on joining these conversations and improving your online presence.

Communicating with the your audience where they are

We work with a variety of brands and organisations that includes the public health sector. Digital engagement can help run campaigns that reach and target your audience and make them act. This could be watching a video, filling out a survey or leaving a comment on your Facebook page, the goal is to drive engagement.

Digital engagement is really about getting your messages and information out to the people that you want to target through the communication channels that your audience is now using. A digital engagement strategy would focus on helping an organisation or business to successfully maximise their online communications by targeting and reaching the right audience and engaging with them. Channels such as social media have a far greater reach and messages and communications can be spread across the web in seconds.

Examples of digital engagement

  • Social media platforms

Organisations can use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their professional work. Using social media platforms can help reach and grow your audience whilst driving engagement through the content and messages you provide.

Organisations can also use other social media channels such You Tube to interact with customers and key stakeholders. Many organisations have their own dedicated You tube channels allowing them to share information through videos with their target audience.

  • Blogging

Blogging is another example of digital engagement. There are millions of blogs with big communities driving conversations online around various topics.  People visit blogs just to find information that they have been searching for. Organisations can blog about what they want their audience to know.

  • Forums and other online communities

Forums are another example of online communities where 2 way or many to many conversations are taking place each day. Organisations can make contact with forums that are normally focussed on particular niches and establish a partnership with them.

  • Getting feedback

There are many tools that can be used to drive digital engagement to obtain feedback. Examples include Polls, surveys, comments and ratings which are run across various digital engagement platforms.

Digital engagement focuses primarily on driving communications, conversations and content together to achieve the highest impact on engagement.

Inbound marketing uses all digital channels such as SEO, content marketing, blogging, social, search and conversion rate optimisation to increase your online presence whilst making your campaigns more effective in terms of visits, conversion and ROI.

Driving digital engagement for the public sector

We are currently working with various organisations including the public health sector on health campaigns such as obesity, smoking and other current health concerns. Using digital engagement platforms and tailored strategies we are able to maximise the reach of individual campaigns and drive engagement to achieve the desired positive health campaigns.

Want to know more?
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