Targeting your Customers with Optimal Content

Targeting your Customers with Optimal Content

Target Marketing

Driving Your Content Strategy with Buyer Personas

Creating new content is critical to any company wishing to market their website successfully. With the many algorithm changes that have taken place over the last 18 months including the Panda update, Penguin update and the Google freshness update, having new and enticing content on your website has now become more critical than ever. Many Marketers used to create content only when it suited their company’s internal needs for example when they had a new product to promote.

The core focus of inbound marketing is to constantly come up with new content that your prospects and customers will be searching for. This can be overwhelming at first and if you don’t get this right and start producing content that does not fit for your audience, you risk attracting the wrong kind of visitor while driving away high-quality prospects. The search engines are also ranking content by many metrics that include quality of content, relevance to your website, engagement and bounce rate.

At magnetize PR, as inbound marketers we need to thorough research so that we get a detailed picture of your target audience in order to create optimal content for them. HubSpot’s excellent guide to creating content centred around buyer personas is a practice that we operate here at Magnetize PR

This allows us the best way to understand your audience through building buyer personas. These are broken down into 3 segments including

  1. Demographics
  2. Identifying their needs
  3. Developing behavior-based profiles

Understanding your Demographics

  • Who are your ideal customers and prospects?
  • What are their biggest concerns, needs, and interests?
  • Where can you reach them (search engines, social media, or blogs)
  • What kinds of content do they prefer?

Such data allows our team here at Magnetize PR to develop buyer personas through finding the answers to such questions.


So what are personas?

Personas are fictional and represent your ideal customers.

The persona utilises actual real data about customer demographics and their online behavior, personal history and their buying motivations.

How can you identify your customer Personas?

Research your existing customer base by identifying your current buyers through information you acquire when they purchase products. It is then possible to include their name, job title, industry and demographic history

A good example could be an online marketing company. Their biggest customers may include local small business owners such as plumbers and builders and large corporation such as blue chip companies. You could name these personas the local tradesman and the blue chip. Here you can identify their needs, responsibilities, typical size of business and geographic region.

Identifying Their Needs

Looking at those profiles, you can outline the pains, needs, and challenges of each persona by asking yourself several important questions:

  • What are the biggest problems they are trying to solve?
  • What do they need most?
  • What information are they typically searching for?
  • What trends are influencing their business or personal success?

Developing Behavior-Based Profiles of your customers

Next, develop a profile of each persona’s typical online behavior. You know who they are and what their needs are, now think about all the ways they research a potential purchase on your site or on others. Here are suggestions of the questions you should ask:

What do they do online? Do they read blogs? Are they active on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks? What kind of search terms do they use? Are they email newsletter subscribers?

What kind of information do they tend to consume online? Educational pieces? Trend articles? Interactive tools like calculators or worksheets? Do they watch videos or listen to podcasts?

Which of your products do they spend the most time researching? How do they use those products?

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