How using Rel=”Author” can help Google identify Spam

How using Rel=”Author” can help Google identify Spam

The latest video from Matt Cutts who heads the spam team at Google is that the search engine will be evaluating the use of rel=”author” moving forward. In his video, Matt Cutts explains that by using rel=”author” structured data; it may be possible to improve search quality.

Matt Cutts explains that the philosophy of Google has been moving away from keywords, where Google has been learning about different entities and the relationships between them. Matt goes on to say that it would be useful to know who the real world people are who are writing the content which may help improve search quality.

Furthermore he explains that moving from the anonymous Web to a Web with identity can help Google to better understand the trust and authority of people writing content on the web. Again the focus is on improving the search results where Rel=”Author” data can help distinguish a spammer from authors with authority and creditability. There have certainly been some thoughts that the search engines use authorship to identify an authority on a certain subject. At Magnetize PR we certainly ensure that all our articles have authorship.

Watch the video here