Google Targets Links within Press Releases

press releases

Google have continued to tackle link building practices by updating their link schemes webmaster guidelines which has targeted keyword rich anchor text links currently being used within press releases. This is link building tactic has succeeded in passing on valuable link juice as many PR sites tend have high trust and authority meaning outbound links from these press release can be valuable. John Mueller who is a leading member of Google’s Webmaster Trend Analyst team was able to clarify a few points.

press releases


John confirmed that any links within press releases should be no followed to be safe. As well as no following any anchor text links he also advised that it would be advisable to no follow links that are not optimised anchor text. Press releases over the years have been a staple part of any link building strategy over the years. Leading Press release sites such as PR Web have been particularly popular with SEO companies as they look to acquire some high authority and trusted links for their clients. Matt Cutts who is head of the Google Spam Team confirmed that no value is passed from links within press releases. Many Online marketing companies will certainly argue with that statement has there has been plenty of evidence that do. Press releases are actually paid links if you are including do follow links with the release so Google is again targeting link practices that are against their webmaster guidelines.


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