About MPR

Inbound Marketing is the practice of bringing qualified leads rather than reaching outward to cold, questionable targets such as old outbound marketing strategies. It is a modern day approach to marketing where you attract, engage with and nurture your prospects to convert them into a buying customer.

Today’s customers are much savvier and the way they buy has changed rapidly. They are now researching online and finding out information about products, services and brands before they buy. Customers will choose to buy from brands they trust and see as an authority.

Inbound marketing methods pre-qualify the leads that discover your company, so you can be sure that your message is greeting relevant ears rather than random outbound contacts.

At magnetize PR, we follow a step by step approach to Inbound Marketing to help you
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Convert more visitors into qualified sales leads
  • Analyse your online marketing performance

Inbound marketing incorporates content management to produce great content that your potential customers and prospects are looking for, SEO to get your website found, Social media to get your message out to the right target audiences and conversion rate optimisation to nurture your leads through the buying cycle so more become paying customers.

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  • Whether you are looking to improve your current marketing strategy or you are wanting to grow your business online, we can assist you with capturing more sales leads and improving your sales conversion.
  • We understand that it is all about ROI, so we will work with you to formulate a tailored inbound marketing strategy that suits your business.
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